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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  June 11, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. police are swarming the scene of an applebee's restaurant in the 3400 block of donell drive in forestville actually trooper was apparently working security at that restaurant which he was shot at about 12:30 this morning. the troopers was transported to the hospital in critical condition. we'll get you updates on the story as we learn more
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information. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. let's go straight over to tucker to find out about our weather. >> a beautiful day yesterday and very comfortable conditions out there at this hour f you liked yesterday, most people did, you will love today. conditions will be just about perfect. highs in the mid-80s, low humidity, lots of sunshine. kind of a mix of sun and clouds to start the day. the sun will really win out hire and it will be a mostly sunny day. not expecting any rain showers and, as you've mentioned, humidity will be in check for another day. 71 now at reagan national. 63 at dulles. 62 in winchester. nice cool conditions out to the north and west. our highs later today, mostly sunny, warm afternoon, this is an easy one, 85 degrees. you know who loves sunny and
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85. >> i do but she is ain the here. another developing story we are following this morning. a 16-year-old california girl missing in the indian ocean has been found alive and well. abby sunderland was attempting to sail solo around the world. overnight, australian rescue crews spotted her from the air. a fishing vessel was sent to pick her up. there is outrage from the families of veterans buried at arlington national cemetery after an army investigation found hundreds of remains may have been misidentified. two managers overseeing the cemetery have been stripped of
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power. a new era in d.c. professional sports. ted leonsis addressed the media for first time yesterday as the owner of three local teams. lindsay murphy was there. >> reporter: one look around the verizon cent earlier and you can see the who's who have the d.c. sports scene, all on hand to hear from deadly on sis. >> i've been successful in lots of other industries and i have confidence that me and my partners can do the right things the right way and ultimately bring a stanley can you be and an nba and wnba championship to our great fan base. >> reporter: leonsis answered every question covering a lot of territory, the team colors, gilbert arenas, john wall, keeping catsup dispensers full. >> the draft is where you start
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to build ongoing great franchises. there will be no name change. even if we wanted to change the name, you couldn't do that for years. we want a championship. that is my hope and dream and aspiration. >> reporter: le on sis is stepping into some big shoes after a 46-year run by the pollan family. the capitals, wizards and mystics will now be owned by a single entity. despite the many challenges of running three teams, if anyone can do it, leonsis can. >> he will do a great job with the wizards. just as he's done with us, it will make them better. >> reporter: lipped say murphy,
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fox 5 sports. >> leonsis opened an e-mail account before he even owned the wizards for a full day and already received 10. mails. he says he will try to answer every one of them. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 begins now. good morning to you. it is 4:30 on this friday morning. a beautiful look at our nation's capital today and that says thursday, june 11. >> but we know it's friday. >> we know it's friday. at least i hope it is try. >> a lot of sunshine across the area and temperatures in the upper 80s yesterday. >> the only difference today,
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we'll be two degrees lower. much like yesterday, a mostly sunny afternoon around here as we are expecting quiet conditions. we have high pressure building in euro head. that should deliver a good- looking friday for the mid- atlantic. off to the north and west, way out there, we have a cold front. that will get in here towards the end of the weekend, early next week. up ahead of this as we get into the weekend being we will see more changes in the form of more humidity, higher temperatures. 63 at dulles. 70 at bwi marshall. our forecast is a good one. bright sunshine, warm conditions, highs in the middle 80s. we'll go 85 in washington. 87 in fredericksburg. >> sounds great. julie is taking the day off but lauren demarco, we have the pleasure of having lauren in studio with us. >> a little bit of a change-up today. out there on the roads, you are dealing with a bit of an issue. he will get to that in just a
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second. first, let's head out here to trafficland. we've got a little bit of traffic building. overnight construction still going on. everybody needs to move over to the right. the hov lanes are open but in the main lanes lanes, you need to stay to the far right. let's head out to maryland as you travel southbound 270, things looking pretty good through germantown. that continues to be a nice ride in toward the split. as you head unbound, pennsylvania avenue, past the beltway, there is police activity because of the story we've been reporting. northbound kenilworth avenue at benning road, you want to stay to the right single file. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we want to start with breaking news. a shooting in prince george's county which has left a maryland state trooper critically wounded. sherry ly is headed to the scene and she joins us on the telephone. are you there yet and what can
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you tell us? >> reporter: we are here and you can see a number of police officers, dozens of them trying to comb the crime scene here. they are outside an applebee's on donell drive. apparently, when from what we understand, this maryland state trooper was working at the restaurant part-time doing security. the restaurant closed at midnight and this happened just after 12:30 this morning. it is a male trooper and he was shot and taken to bridge hospital center in very critical condition. they have set up a large perimeter around here searching for a suspect. we have not been able to get a description of any type of getaway vehicle or suspect at this point. i can tell you parts of been pen avenue in this area are shut down as well as donell drive, at least from pennsylvania avenue up to marlboro pike as they search for this suspect. we are not get a whole lot of
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details at this point on exactly how this happened, whether there was an argument or anything like that wa. led up to the shooting. we are hoping to get some details in the next few minutes from state police who we understand have a spokesperson out here on the scene. as we get all that information, we'll bring it to you throughout the morning. >> thank you, sherry. the other big story, a major shake-up at arlington national cemetery. the two managers overseeing the cemetery have been stripped of their duties after an army investigation found more than 200 of the remains have been either unmarked, misidentified or misplaced. part of the blame is being put on an outdated record keeping system, much like the one the cemetery used when it first opened in the 1800s. families of the fallen and veterans groups are outraged. >> what we can tell the family
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members is we'll make every effort to ensure and examine every approach by which we can achieve that. >> there are cemeteries around the country similar in size that already use this technology and it has been available for quite some time. >> the secretary of the army is vowing sweeping reforms. already, he has installed awe new chief and is promising there is more to come. new details emerging about the virginia man accused of planting a hidden camera during his daughter's post-prom party. police are inspecting computers and cameras seized from the home of craig dykstra. a cam arae was found by one of of the teens inside a pair of shorts. one of the parents has known dykstra for years. >> very congenial person, very warmhearted, honest, full of integrity. >> did your son --
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>> no, i asked him just a few minutes ago. i said were you ware of this and he said no. >> court documents also reveal video showing a white male in his 50s positioning the camera in the dressing room. that man has not been identified. more budget trouble at metro and another possible fare hike. a top metro official says the transit agency's original estimate being off by $25 million. the d.c. council has agreed to a new 5 adrian fenty surcharge that would have to pay to -- to a new surcharge that would have to be paid to enter and exit two stations. the obama administration says as hasn't as 2.1 million gallons were spewing into the gulf before it was capped. no word on how much is continuing to leak right now. congress has passed a bill to give the coast guard more money
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to respond to the spill because it will hit the current $100 million point next week. we've all sent away for stuff in the mail. what one man allegedly sent away for has landed him in pretty serious trouble. new developments on a 16- year-old sailor who was thought to be lost at sea all alone. we'll check headlines coming up next. 
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[ male announcer ] there's a better way to get rid of odors. for all the things you can't wash, freshen it with febreze. to eliminate odors and leave a fresh scent. [ sniffs ] whoa. febreze. it's a breath of fresh air. a maryland state trooper shot in forestville. we want to go straight to scherr wayly. was the latest? >> reporter: we understand that the state trooper was working at an applebee's restaurant right back here on donell drive. it was around 12:40 this morning when we understand the call came in that he had been shot. he was taken to prince george's hospital center in what we are
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told is very critical condition that. does not bode well as far as the officer's condition is concerned, i can tell you from experience. they have a wide perimeter set up around this restaurant here where it happened all the way down towards pennsylvania avenue. you can see the road is blocked off up to marlboro pike it is shut off as well. parts of pennsylvania avenue, they are not allowing traffic through. we just saw s.w.a.t. teams around here as well. we do not have a description of a suspect or a suspect vehicle at this point although we understand there have been some various lookouts put out. a lot of the information is still coming in at this point. there are dozens of officers out here on the scene, a spokesperson here as well. we are hoping to get some more information from them momentaria large perimeter set up here. the restaurant we know closes at midnight so this happens about 30, 40 minutes after closing time. as far as what led up to that shooting, we are not being told
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at this point. of course, this is still very early in the investigation. they are out here combing the crime scene trying to collect evidence and figure out what happened. as we learn the details, we'll give it to you. live in forestville, sherrily, fox 5 news. >> thank you. another developing story is that of 16-year-old abby sunderland. she was in the upian ocean when she naturalled some sort of emergency and lost communication. there are new developments in the story this morning. we get the latest now from mary ann rafferty. >> we appreciate everybody's thoughts and prayers because she will be fine. >> reporter: a california teen trying to sail solo around the world has been found by a search plane and she is in good condition. abby sunderland set out for the mission in january. >> a great adventure and it will be worth it. >> reporter: a member of team
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abby says that sunderland can no longer maneuver her 40-foot boat wild eyes because the rigging is gone. >> they did find the sailing yacht, wild eyes. it is upright in water. >> reporter: on thursday, 16- year-old countedder land lost contact with her family while talking on a satellite phone. she had a tough time, reporting rough seas with 0-foot swells i'm search effort was launched once the vessel's emergency beacons were manually activated. a french fishing boat is on the way to pick up sunderland. >> she may need help with translation. the fishing boat will take a long time to get back to shore. >> reporter: members of team abby say someone will need to sink the vessel because left unattended in the indian ocean, it would be a mayor time hazard. it is not known when sunderland would return to the u.s. a weekend traffic alert to pass along to you. coming up next, we'll tell you which key road is going to be
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shut down. plus, do you suffer from back pain? we'll tell you which treatments might help. we'll have a look at the forecast and the morning traffic coming up after the break.  [ baby babbling ]
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security is extremely thiet morning in johannesburg, south africa, the host city for the world cup. this is the same stadium where south africa will play mexico in today appear opening match. the united states takes on england tomorrow night. pretty exciting. and take a look at this. first lady michelle obama will deliver the commencement address at anacostia high school. we'll be there live to preview the first lady's speech and we'll talk with the valedictorian of anacostia's graduating class about the big honor today. that is great. >> that is so cool. >> very nice. the weather will cooperate i think for everybody that is headed out there. >> today is particularly nice and it will be more summery as we get into the weekend. humidity will be back with a chance of a thunderstorm saturday and sunday. for turkd fan taft you can weather in the forecast. let's go back to yesterday very quickly and talk temperatures.
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90 was the winning number at reagan national. 88 at both dulles and bwi marshall. taking a look at our current conditions, fairly comfortable start across the area. 71 now in washington. we are at 65 in salisbury. 68 in leonardtown. -- for today, fantastic weather in the forecast. yesterday, we were in the mid- to upper 80s. i think low to mid-80s today. there is your satellite-radar. fairly quiet conditions p high pressure building across the area and will slowly slide off the coast -- fairly quiet conditions. high pressure building across the area and will slowly slide off the coast. all in all, it should be a nice weekend if you have outdoor plans both saturday and sunday,
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going to the beach, going to be a good-looking forecast. mostly sunny, 85. tonight, partly cloudy, mild overnight, 67. here come the warmer temperatures for the weekend. saturday's and sunday's highs, upper 80s and low 90s a chance for a scattered shower or thunderstorm. cooler next week. >> today sounds lovely though. that will be good. >> should be awesome. >> let's head over to lauren who is in the studio to give us our traffic updates. got a few problems with the roads closed with that shooting situation yoop with do. as you head inbound on route 4 pennsylvania avenue, just past the beltway, there is police activity you want to be aware of. also northbound ken ill worth avenue at benning road, two right lane are blocked. stay to the left to get past that. moving well across the american legion bridge into virginia and here we are on the inner loop
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heading up into montgomery county. no problems, nothing in your way there. now, in virginia on 95, you will still find there is some construction. that is about to wrap up about 5:00 p.m. but northbound 95 through lorton, you need to stay to the far right to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you so much. this is what lauren was talking about yesterday during her traffic reports. remember this dog run ago long the bw parkway. well, there is still no sign of that dog that caused that chaos during the morning commute. the drama unfolded along good luck road in the middle of the rush hour. sky fox followed that pup for hours as it darted in and out of traffic. police say it was at one point hit by a car. the police are still trying to track the dog down or perhaps find its owner. we have a traffic alert for the weekend, route 123 or chain bridge road will shut down at the capital beltway tonight through early monday morning. crews are doing work for the hot lanes project. traffic on the beltway was shifted to a newly built bridge
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over route 123 last week. wrongly convicted of a dwi? that could be the case for some drivers in the district. attorney general attorney general admits the breathalyzer machine was miscalibrated. that could impact hundreds of cases. karen gray houston spoke to a man who is now suing the city. >> disappointedded, upset. >> this man was sentenced to 10 days in the d.c. jail after a conviction for driving while intoxicated. his lawyer says it was the same day city officials admitted that the machine being used was miscalibrated. he is suing the city. >> i'm disappointed in the fact that they would do this if they knew before hand, before putting me into prison. >> reporter: this is a stack of some of the cases at the heart of the bogus results. defense attorney tom key thinks it is a lot more than the 300
4:51 am
the city's attorney general listed. >> i think it is thousands. they said there were # hundred on the list. if you count them, there are 360. >> the man was miscalibrated between the fall of 2008 and february of this year. attorney general peter nichols says it has been rehayesed with another broond brand but what about motorist whose went to jail, have a record and are on probation. >> it wreaked havoc with work. it wreaked havoc with school. it just made my life extremely complicated. >> three consecutive weekends he walked into jail, was strip searched and was in a cell 2 hours awe day when it never should have happened and that is outrageous. >> if you don't do the breathalyzer, unless there is some evidence, field sobriety tests, officers' observations
4:52 am
that they should be brought into the station. >> we asked if he would offer an apology. he said an apology might be appropriate in some cases. new trash trucks are hitting montgomery county roads. they are the first in the state to convert the fleet to one running on compressed natural gas. twenty of those trucks are sebbing areas in bethesda and silver spring -- serving areas. ge is recalling nearly 200,000 front load watchers because of fire and shock hazards. if you own one being stop using it, unplug it. we have more district attorney tails on under web links. the u.s. government is hoping to prevent a repeat of the may 6 market crash with new circuit breaker rules. the dow lost nearly 1,000 points in less than an hour. the sec approved rules that will require exchanges to halt
4:53 am
trading if the market moves 10% in five minutes. we have a health alert about new efforts to fight alzheimer's disease. a dozen competing drug companies have agreed to share data in hopes of sparking new ideas for treatment. it will be unveiled later today. there is a possible breakthrough in the battle against multiple sclerosis. a new study at the university of the texas southwest medical center found the optical coherence tomography test can measure and monitor the thinning everett that in people with ms. hatch researchers hope some day, they can use this to identify ms in its earliest stages. research vers discovered a potentially harmful connection between diabetes and cancer in women. new research shows insulin-like hormones in type two diabetes may double the risk of female genital and other cancers. the interaction appears to make
4:54 am
certain organs more receptivity for certain types of cancer. if you ever suffered from it, you know that back pain can be excruciating. you know you can't do anything about that pain but one man claims we can sometimes go too far by relying on surgery or other complicated treatments. he says he is living proof that a fairly simple strategy to fight back pain works. fox's rob olsen has details. >> reporter: when keith swenson's daughter was born, he couldn't even pick her up, his back hurt so bad. now, she is 1 and he gives her piggyback rides. >> to see what i'm doing now is a blessing compared to where i was at. >> reporter: keith's recovery from debilitating opinion got mentioned in a national associated press story about back pain being overtreated or mistheeted with surgery. now, it is all over the web.
4:55 am
>> in certain instances, surgery may be required. but for normal people, best thing to do before contemplating surgery is strengthen your back. >> reporter: keith got his back back through muscle work at physicians neck and back clinic. this is a place that focuses on exercise, not surgery to treat back pain. >> it is the most common reason for going to the doctor other than the common cold. >> reporter: their belief is strengthening muscles eases strain on the spine, that surgeries often don't work, that back pain is widely mistreated. >> that is because chronic back pain is very difficult to diagnose accurately. >> reporter: for keith would now stands at his desk to help keep his back pain at bay, it all began with an injury playing volleyball that led to a spinal surgery he regularrette retted. >> i wish i had the pain that i had before surgery than what i was experiencing after surgery. >> reporter: pain alleviated by
4:56 am
workouts. keith and his familiar now also run swenson gardens in howard lake where they grow organic peonies, labor unimaginable before his back was healed. >> time will heal. the strengthening will make it better. the problem is we don't want to get off our butts and do it. >> rob olsen reporting. a unique discover discovery is making headlines. world's oldest leather shoe. we told but this yesterday. we'll take a closer look. up next, stephen strasburg is back in the spotlight. we'll show you his appearance on late night television. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  [music, talking, laughing] what makes hershey's s'res special? hershey's chocolate goodness that brings people together. pure hershey's. furniture that's built to last,
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to eliminate odors and leave a fresh scent. [ sniffs ] whoa. febreze. 's a breath of fresh air. now they might have another hit. down the line. see you later! >> see you later. man, those nats or a roll. another hole run for adam dunn.
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another win for the natsz. they beat the 4-# for their first sweep of the season. for adam dunn, it was his third street game with a homer. >> they are good hitters. that is why they are in the middle of the line-up. they are run producers. they have a history of being run producers. we are fortunate to have them and lined up together like that, we got a chance to put some pressure on the other club. >> one of ropes they may be so psyched is because of this guy, stephen strasburg. he has only pitched in one game and he is already heading to the hall of fame. at least his hat is. he was back in the spotlight delivering the top ten list on the late show with david letterman. >> number three,. >> i blew my signing bonus on laser back hair removal. >> number two. >> don't even try to talk to me before i start or while i'm


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